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Locksmith Key Extraction 

Our skilled locksmiths specialize in safely and efficiently extracting broken or stuck keys from locks. Whether it's a jammed key in your home, car, or business lock, we have the expertise and tools to retrieve it without damaging the lock. Count on us for swift and reliable key extraction services, ensuring your security is promptly restored

Locksmith At Your Door: Key Extraction

Key extraction is a locksmithing process designed to safely remove a broken or stuck key from a lock without causing damage to the lock itself.


Here's how it typically works:

  1. Assessment: The locksmith begins by assessing the situation. They examine the lock and the key fragment to understand the best approach for extraction.

  2. Lubrication: In some cases, the locksmith may apply a lubricant to the lock to ease the extraction process.

  3. Special Tools: Locksmiths use specialized tools, such as broken key extractors or hook picks, to carefully grasp and extract the broken key piece from the lock. These tools are designed to fit into the keyway and grip the key fragment securely.

  4. Gentle Extraction: The locksmith works gently to manipulate the broken key piece, ensuring it doesn't push further into the lock or cause additional damage.

  5. Testing: Once the key fragment is successfully extracted, the locksmith tests the lock with a new key to ensure it operates smoothly.

  6. Optional Rekeying or replacement: If necessary, the locksmith may recommend rekeying the lock or replacing to ensure security, especially if the key was broken due to wear or damage.

Key extraction requires skill and precision, as forcing the key or using improper tools can result in damage to the lock. Professional locksmiths have the experience and tools needed to perform key extractions efficiently and without causing further issues.

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